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Sunday, December 31, 2006

And the winner is…

… me!

So here are the 2 ribbons I've thus won:
Month Champ' Year Champ'

(More on the subject soon…)

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The 1st Quinn Contest is 'round the corner

That's right: we're just a few hours away from the 1st Quinn Contest! If you're a Mac user (you, lucky!), if you've received an invitation from one of the 9 8 (even luckier) participants, if you're (still) listed in the Top 100 Best French Players when registration is up, if you've registered within the right timeframe and are available+online when the alarm clock is finally ringing (which is today, from 9:00 PM), then you may become the 1st Quinn Champion of the History ;) ! OK, okay, I calm down… But, you know, I'm quite excited :) ! Registration deadline is now behind us, and in a few hours, we'll know who from Olivier, Sébastien and myself is going to grab this prize :P ! But now, let's relax and concentrate a bit :) ! Pfew…

Update: I've finally managed to produce 2 prize ribbons for the winner. Just in time…

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now I know it's true!

Time has passed since my initial post on this topic (see "I still can't realize it's true! (Part 1)"). That's why I'm now convinced it really happened. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a photo showing a detail of my ol' "friend":

apple //e (DSCN0988)
Yep. All this buzz was about a very old computer. To be more precise, it's all about… an Apple //e (sigh). But this is not a common Apple //e; this is the Apple //e I've extensively enjoyed using during my childhood. Indeed, I've managed to get my hands back on it, so many years after letting it go…

You're right, it may just be a machine. But it's a machine that learnt me English while I was not 11 years old yet. It's a machine that initiated my (still-alived, and very strong) passion for Apple—and, in a broader sense, for quality. It's a machine that made me dream while being a child, that built my desire to become a software engineer while being a student, and it's still it which is the reason why I today earn my money happily working in this industry. So yes, it's just a machine, and I'm deeply glad it's back at home.

I'll finish this post by thanking my father for turning me into an Apple boy years ago, and all the people who've been involved in helping me get my ol' friend back today; they know who they are… I've just made another dream come true. Next :P !

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A New Home (Sort Of)

Short version: I finally decided to "buy" the domain

And what about the longer version? It's on its way…