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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I can't wait!

As quickly mentioned some days earlier, Thom Yorke's The Eraser project is about to land in less than a couple of months from now. I have to admit I'm more than excited by such a release…

The Eraser
Also, today, Pitchfork is unveiling the 1st review of this forthcoming album. Of course, I didn't read the details 'cause I want the surprise to be intact when July 10th is here (sigh)… But the intro/outro parts of this article made my day :) ! I can't wait…

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Xcode v2.3 comes with some, er… changes

I'm going to skip the exciting part (Xcode v2.3 is out. Yay!) to go straight to the "odd" thing…

Here's what one can read in the "Read Me" file:

Xcode v2.3
Argh! I'm not quite ready yet to such a change… (Hint: Boot Camp)
Hopefully I'll go over this quite quickly, I think.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Uschi Lang, I LOVE YOU, Will you Marry Me?

WTF?!? If you've found the topic intriguing, just read on for an explanation…

Last Friday (May 19th, 2006) was the Grand Opening of the most advanced Apple Store to date: Apple Store, Fifth Avenue (New York City). For this huge event, Apple recorded the very first 24 hours by putting a camera at the entrance of its new store, and published the result as some small QuickTime movies on its website.

It's now obvious it didn't go unnoticed 'cause at around 5:00 AM… Ah, ah, ah ;) !

Will you Marry Me?
(And if you follow the link to the QuickTime file, it all starts at 00:00:19.)


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Topics of my Unpublished Posts

In the previous month, I would have posted about the following news.
I may post additional comments on some of those topics later… or not.

. David Lynch's new film, INLAND EMPIRE, is not ready for Cannes Film Festival. So disappointed :( !
. They're back! Yep, Radiohead are back!!! (And Arpeggi is da bomb!) I'll finish this item with a fresh comment from "… and this is reason number 28 why Radiohead are miles above their peers."
. [Details] Thom Yorke's got a big surprise for us all: it's called The Eraser, it's coming as soon as July 10th, and I'm more than excited :) !
. Apple has just unveiled its brand new MacBook. As always, a stunning computer: very affordable, fully loaded with software and "gadgets", sporting a new+sleak design, etc. The perfect laptop for Mac users and… for former PC aficionados too ;) !
. Oh, and Apple also slightly revised its MacBook Pro: more power, more choice, same price!
. Also, Björk announced her new Surrounded box set: all her albums with 5.1 digital sound, videos, bonus, everything.
. At last, Flickr's interface has just been drastically revised, for the better. Sweet!

Voilà… I may have forgotten some items: they'll be added later, or covered in a future post.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wanted: Some Improvement in Weblogging

As always, I've failed to update my blog with some new materials :( ! It's not that I've got nothing new to report; it's quite the exact opposite! But I still postpone the moment I'd have to post new articles until… the topic is not new anymore :( !

I'm new to weblog editing, and I surely have to improve the way I blog. Hopefully, with some time and more experience, things will be better handled. So, sorry for the silence, and let's bring some "new" stuff right away ;) ! Thanks for your patience.