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Friday, December 24, 2004

The Graphing Calculator Story

Just noticed a short section in this great article I needed to blog:

"I asked my friend Greg Robbins to help me. His contract in another division at Apple had just ended, so he told his manager that he would start reporting to me. She didn't ask who I was and let him keep his office and badge. In turn, I told people that I was reporting to him. Since that left no managers in the loop, we had no meetings and could be extremely productive."

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Grand Opening: "Welcome!"

Welcome to my personal blog! Any blog has its 1st post; and this is it:

I think it might be the perfect time to take my 1st resolution for 2005. So, I promise to do my best to regularly feed it with some cool, interesting… or even useless content. But it will be feeded ;) !

Thanks for your time; comments are highly welcome! Let's begin…