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Sunday, October 14, 2007

In Rainbows: 9.2/10

Average rating coming straight from my iTunes!

OK, so Radiohead's In Rainbows has landed, and it's no Kid A.  It's a beast, that's for sure, but a different monster.  It's not a revolution.  It's not an evolution.  To me, it's "just" the sum of all parts; a logical follow-up to Hail to the Thief, but with this additional pinch of magical cohesion that makes *albums* and not song containers, that li'l plus that lacks sometimes.

I'm glad not to have blogged about it the day I listened to it for the 1st time 'cause I would have given it a perfect 10 ;) !  I would say I'd like to give it a bit more than iTunes (like 9.5); but if it *sounds* perfect, there's some more room to be filled to reach such a level.  No song is 3-star rated, all of them have at least 4 stars; *but* only 2 are 5-star rated (Nude and Videotape).  It's a bit disappointing to claim it's the Best Album of All Time ;) !  (To me, Kid A may still be a tad better—dunno yet for sure—, but it's not rated 10 either… "thanks" to Optimistic :( !)

It's very cohesive, but diverse and balanced at the same time.  Superbly produced (once again) by Nigel Godrich, it sounds more natural/warm (thanks to the return of acoustic guitars, a children choir, or a not-so-edited-Thom voice) though still decorated with electronic drums, beats, and pops.

In a few words, it's a great addition to the work they produced so far…

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