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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today is just historical to me because another dream of mine came true! Some might say it was too easy a goal to achieve, but I can assure them it was not (and for a couple of reasons, really). I've tried to tick this check box in my Dream List way before today, and recurrently! But, let's get back to the exciting news 'cause, as some may have guessed from this post's title, I now own… a chunck of Apple, Inc.! No less :) !

If I've always (pro)actively promoted Apple's fantastic products around me (can provide references upon request… and at will ;) !), I've been rather passive all these years as a trader ("thanks" to some rigid French banks, I have to admit!) People were often amazed about my *huge* motivation to "sell" them the latest Apple goodies—from early morning to late at night (sic)—, and often thought I was an Apple employee and/or one of their shareholders. That was not the case… until today!!! (*)

(*) If I briefly was an Apple employee, I alas no longer am :( ! But I'd give anything I have to work there again. So Apple, don't hesitate to send me your offer :) ! Thanks.

Sure, it may have been a *huge* argument to convince them ("Why does this guy want me to buy a Mac then? What would he earn in doing so???") But it's time to think a bit about myself (and a li'l bit more about Apple as well, of course ;) !) So I recently decided to move to the next level, selected a new bank, opened an account, and today bought a nice share of Apple stocks. Yay! I'm happy :) ! Now, let's get prepared to buy a cute iPhone, plus one of those perfect MacBook Pro 13.3"… (Yep, this thin/slim/sub/whatever version to hopefully come soon ;) !)

Disclaimer: Yes, I (now) am an Apple shareholder :) !!! So from now on, I might virtually earn some money from my natural, ongoing, still strong propaganda :P ! You've been warned ;) ! (Note to self: Really have to learn to stop using smileys…)

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